Unionomics Breakfast Cereal

by Unionomics

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released December 25, 2010



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Track Name: Knowledge - Street Dreams
[verse 1]
in a crazy reverie, I woke up wit a half a key/
stashed in my backseat, cops on me/
how'd they find me, coulda swore I paid em off kindly/
kept my hat low, smellin hot bacon behind me/4
they poppin off, gettin rocks off, blastin Blacks/
and I'm under attack, never lack, spittin crack/
shoulda never been a factor, with all these actors/
take they asses out first, you niggas is ass-backwards/8
~I'm known as too-real, too-hard to kill/
cuz I only push heavy weight, that all the fiends feel/
~bass in my speakers, bout to blow my tweeters/
but I ain't gettin no Younger, couldn't bag Beneatha/12
I'ma feature, 41 shots, in this jam/
hit the man blam, darts slid thru his Grand Am/
fans cheer, as a 5's blood spills like head-o-beer/
and I realize, nothing to fear, it gets clear/16

[verse 2]
skip all the urges for psychoanalysis/
must still be drunk, and hip-hop was the catalyst/
bust 92, slow down to bust shots/
still baffled these foul cops wanna cut my knot/4
in peace I came, but this here's a filthy game/
and I done did my dirt, you can't bleach these stains/
in-fame-us niggas never know what to do/
no calculated moves, no script, no kung fu/8
shots come around, I'm bound to bust back/
hit niggas with darts, they throw the same ones back/
these kids lack discipline, I'm on the attack/
armed with facts, the mission is to take rap back/12
5's and haters on me, commissioned to harm me/
swerve calmly, being pursued by Satan's army/
take down one, 5 more take his place/
it's the price of success, but I was born for this fate/16
nails thwart my tires, It's time to expire/
turn too hard, flip 4 times, mouth is on fire/
droppin molten gold, it's my words they desire/
wakin up cold sweatin, amped and freestylin/20